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Your 30 days of submission should never have to stop at just 30 days. It is a never ending story, it is your story, it is your life.If you choose to only submit in the bedroom, why would you try to connect with someone who wants a 24/7 ? Share your thoughts, and get answers for everything. No one can tell you that you are submissive, more so do not let anyone twist your thoughts around telling you that your more of a submissive.

How you see yourself in a relationship, and what it is you want out of the relationship.You the submissive before entering a relationship should already have a list of rules in your mind that you would like to follow. What rules are going to benefit you you as a submissive ? These are some of the things that should be in your plan when meeting someone new.Listen to me , because when you first meet someone and you already have your plan in place.This will help you see things more clearly, and it just may help you understand your own little world. The difference between the two is a huge difference.If your filling up the two last then something is wrong, and then and only then should you start to question yourself. You as the submissive has the right to speak up when things are not going as planned.If you want a 24/7 why would you try to connect to someone who only wants the bedroom. The world of submission and Dominance can be a very beautiful thing. Maybe your told you are a slave, when in fact your not , but you will go along with what ever because you feel this is the right Dominant.

The ability to be as open as you want, the open communication like you have never had before. Never allow yourself to be pushed into a corner, and if you are speak your mind. Once you enter a relationship or lets say your in the process of entering a relationship you should go over everything with your potential Dominant. You in a way can put your life as you see it into place.All these P2P file sharing applications are free of cost and you can easily download them on your computers.These programs offers different important features like sharing of different directories and files, safe and secure file sharing, share large folders and files, preview files when downloading, download multiple files simultaneously, download data from different hosts, and quickly download images, ebooks, audio, video, software and other documents from numerous peer to peer networks like Gnutella, e Donkey, Gnutella 2, and Bet Torrent networks.Moreover, you can optimize different downloads occurring simultaneously. This program contains social networking features like friends, profiles, and status updates.