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In the Rebel (1951), Camus, as same as gao, rejects Nietzsche’s ethics: Man can allow himself to determine the injustice of the world and the demand a justice he is not with people.

Han Dynasty’s grants or Wei must be handed down to Jo-Yoi.Kong Beng is the entrance of destiny for Zhu for plans to war. Thirty three soldiers are the arms for against opponents.“Elderness; the one with defeated of dignity and gracefulness; said the old wise man for battle.” Ju-Long nodded then said; the aging of all man here; ” Marquis of Chieng Ping” is the Ju-Long’s won for no blame.—————————————————————————————————————————————– Chapter 1 Chawanlak Kaothong [email protected];[email protected] 1 Postmodernist and Poststructuralist ideologies are then the focused of writing for coherences for expressing, genres on purposes, as far as for told the advents from recognizing to have been as throughout Gao’s theories.His conveyed thoughts have been as Buddhism’s teaching on logical enlightenment and inspirational pathways for merits.Erected Attach-String was known to hold calling the man whose name as “Tiao-Chu-Long-Yun” “Remember that, what you’ve gotta done for Shangpan Slope.” Depression for the fellowmen those men would be back.” Loss for nothingness! (Thai-English Chawanlak Translator some parts as lines above seen) Message from the world for border-less- “Post-Capitalist socialization written by Peter F. Sureth Buachart-The Composer with thoughts from barriers to have its prices stands for outstanding because of the experiences from translation, the novels and documentaries-apart from international transcription and translation currently for jobs.

Social and Changes Thirteenth Century the Europe it has been the change for picture for politics, forces for associated of there were mankind and qualifications to arts-handful for made.“Is this Huang Ho and Yang Zi’s downpour for sadness buried of shadow for darkness from sake?” Reference: ยาขอบ, จูล่ง-สุภาพบุรุษจากเสียงสาน-สามก๊กฉบับวณิพก, สำนักพิมพ์ดอกหญ้า ปีพุทธศักราช 2543 ———————————————————————————————————————————————- Gao Xingjian Asian Context—Analysis and Overviews Chawanlak Kaothong [email protected];[email protected] for the excerpt from page 9-Asian Journal of Literature, Culture and Society : Volume 07 Number 01 April 2013 ” Gao has idealized of the reflection for thoughts that was a good art consultancy for life risky.Should not think for the entire things Gao framed of criticism of to thing should onwards for masterpieces.” Rhetoric of Soundness for the reasons’s Gao philosophies’ era for past therefore with newest art had been replaced; the arts were ended with last for introduced things for all whole substitution.He was the artist for enlightenment for meant to be as the dominance for stating the humanities’ traditions, literature and literacy on worthiness.Implications it audiences to have been if the find that should not trite tropes of execute come out ideas of popular trends-overviews.

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