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reporter Glenn Thrush condemns the bad behavior of journalist Mark Halperin — and then finds himself accused of similar coerced sexual behavior.Senator Al Franken’s often sanctimonious outrages over the Fox News harassers would soon apply just as easily to his own behavior.

They are mostly not consensual affairs in the workplace, supposedly initiated by grasping subordinates or by oppressive bosses in midlife crises.Or was the catalyst for harassment age-old ego and narcissism?Being before the cameras and in the spotlight befuddled these celebrities into the delusional thought that their name recognition and petit fame meant that women — all women of every age and station — secretly wished to be part of their inner circle.Long hushed, covered-up, or even forgotten sexual IEDs suddenly go off without warning and blow up a career.Weirder still, the now-outraged often overnight can become the outrageous.Few such women would probably have willingly consorted with someone like the septuagenarian Rose or the off-putting Weinstein (who had an uncanny resemblance to the late gruff American actor Kenneth Mc Millan, who played the creepy Baron Harkonnen in Or were the prominent culprits more often liberals and progressives?

Men of the Left assumed that their loudly professed feminist credentials earned them indulgences and exemptions to covet as they pleased.

What repels is not just unwanted or coerced sex acts — but the gratuitous cruelty that so often surrounds them.

So what are the common pathologies to all these male icons — who are falling as fast as Confederate statutes a few months ago, in our earlier manifestation of collective moral frenzy?

And their warped logic was that for every ten targets that were repulsed by phallic exhibition, groping, or potty talk, there might be one who was some kindred demented spirit.

All of the above may explain a similar pattern of behavior.

In the wake of last week’s sexual harassment headlines surrounding Al Franken, PBS is cutting the U. Senator and “Saturday Night Live” alum from their taped broadcast of the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize ceremony for David Letterman. 23 and saw several of Letterman’s peers, including Franken, give tributes to the former “Late Show” host.

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