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In Chinese medicine Asian pears are considered a cooling fruit and are used for detoxification purposes and to treat coughs, laryngitis, ulcers and constipation.

Asian pears will keep a week or two at room temperature and up to three months refrigerated.

The firm and crisp texture of Asian pears make them a popular addition to salads.

Add sliced or cubed pear to green and fruit salads or grate and add to coleslaw.

Unlike regular pears Asian pears are sold ripe and maintain their crisp texture long after being picked.

Careful handling must be practiced when picking, packing and transporting Asian pears as their delicate skin bruises and becomes discolored easily. There are thousands of different known varieties of Asian pears, each varying slightly in shape and color.

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Asian pears vary in color from golden yellow to russeted green and are often times speckled with small brown spots.

Additionally Asian pears can vary in shape and size, the most commonly grown in the United States are Japanese varieties which have a round squat shape similar to that of an apple.

In the mid 1800’s Asian pears made their way to the west coast by way of Chinese and Japanese Immigrants relocating to California after the Gold Rush.