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and we're so lucky to be living in today, thou a few history repeats itself, but the modern world is luckier than the ancient era... Love all the actors and they should receive awards. Until now, i'm still so sad about this love between Yoke n Chae Kyung. Great acting great chemistry everything about this drama is so amazing... I think what makes this drama undeniably beautiful is that a lot of this actually happened in our raw, true undeniably beautiful world. ^_~ please if you are shipping (only) the Prince ^0^ and chaekyung then please tell me U_U if there is no one then i am going to let go of this drama *_* i don´t want to ....Anyway, kudos to all the casts for portraying their roles effectively.... Daekbakkk, i dont want to watch korean historical drama but that one changes my mind. They love each other but cannot live togethef in their life :(((( ^_^ just finished this drama, this drama is really worth to watch. Ending is beautiful but I felt sorry for Lee Young... This is one of the best K Drama i have ever watched for several years. The cast and writers do an amazing job of bringing history to life, however it is the knowledge that two people in our past felt this intense love that gives me goosebumps. but everone is commenting "the king and chaekyung" ¬_¬ pleaseeeeee anyone It was absolutely the best korean drama Ive seen.

Congratulations to all the production staff and all involved in this drama.... one of my fav drama so far Remember, this is based in history so, it happened already... The true meaning of forever: your first and last love... So freaking beautiful and anyone who has felt anything resembling their love is blessed. I personally think that they are make a greater pair than PMY and YWJ lol. He really really loves her and I feel sorry for it :( Well, over all this drama is really worth to watch. Variety of emotions you will encounter in this drama and amazing unique story that will surely captivated and retain in our hearts.Even if the actual history is different, and this is all fiction, I really lost my appetite for watching political kdrama.None of those good lessons or morals, not one of the characters I really applaud for being unselfish except Seo Noh. I initially thought from the title, even if I knew then that it was tragedy, that the story will bring something admirable about culture and history but I thought wrong. The title seems predictable, i remember how i hesistate to watch this bcos i feel like its another common historical drama but FVCK!! this is comming who rate LOTBS 6/10 -HOSPITAL SHIP 7/10 - DOTS 11/10!! I almost can't finish to last episode cos I don't want anything bad happened to this couple. I watch all other dramas of him after 7 days queen.Unless you're looking for a drama that will touch your heart, make you cry, make you laugh and honestly just become a part of you. The story is bittersweet but beautiful in its entirety. wowww the only word i can get for the last episode of this show my tears never stop firstly i was expecting a usual ending but i was wrong beautiful ending the ending which make you want to fall in love Flood of Tears! The two main leads held a dynamic chemistry between them that was felt throughout the drama. I love the story, I love the actors, I love the written, I love the direction, I really LOVE this drama so so so much! This drama series is a true manifestation of the true meaning of love and actors and actresses are very effective in portraying their roles.I felt every single tear that was shed, every single word that was spoken. The artists, the writer, the director, crew, camera man, etc did their job very well! Hope your team will make another project together ???? Park Min Young has shed a lot of tears in this drama which makes it so moving. i often don't come across historical dramas where i could sit through every second and enjoy it. it made me cry so much, but sometimes you just need that heartbreak and sensibility. i probably got too attached to the romance; therefore, i would beg for them not to let each other go. Even the king made me feel sorry for him instead of hating him because of his past. best saeguk drama Ive ever watch, doesnt matter with the rating it is a very beautiful drama.This historical drama reminds me of the "Great Queen Seondeok" where 선덕 also had to make a choice between leading a simple, private happy life with Kim Yushin and her obligations to her country as a ruler. The artists are all very good in portraying their roles especially Prince Yeok. Both couples have children, so it's unexpected what could happen on the show. This intense psychological drama draws on one of the darkest periods in the entire Korean history and is very well acted. I heard this drama doesn't hit the ratings in seoul. Its okay if it doesn't hit the rank but i just hope at least it will win some awards tho.

The final episodes of these two dramas brought in me the same emotions and the same respect for the main characters for similar reasons. Great historical drama but tragic ending Touched by this drama... Congratulations to Yeon Woo-Jin you're such a good actor indeed same with Park Min-Young such a pretty face and good actress. What I learned from Wikipedia about the true life of Prince Yeonsangun is stunning and appalling by modern standards. I only watched few k-dramas that was recommended by my friends. However, i accidentally came across QFSD ep3 on tv. I realized this drama is based on true story and there will be no happy ending, the Queen was executed, but the writer somehow managed to create the stupidest Prince of all times.I can't even miss an episode, when episode with subtitles came out I watch it right away. Wish this drama could get more people's attention . I fell inlove of this drama even cried in every scene..idont understand y this drama under rated.. Two months on and I'm still thinking about this drama and how the writers really did a number on my in the end. The love story between Lee Yeok & Chae Gyung was really really beautiful I have so much to say that I miss the word!!If you are deciding whether or not to watch this drama dont if you are just looking for a light watch. This drama should have received better ratings for the outstanding acting from all the actors. Not sure why the rating so low but this is the best I have ever watched after Empress Ki. It's a tragic and splendid lovestory and the best sageuk I ever seen!! Congratulations to the staff and writers of this drama seriea They were able to catch the heart of the viewers.Omg we all day is scariest mother in law is in all k drama but the Queen (mil) is probably the second scariest since she so calm see where the oldest son got the loose nut from definitely not the father. This love story under the shadow of an unstable king that turned from an initially proper ruler into a destructive psychopath is very well acted. At the center of the story, Park Min-yong creates the character of Shin Chae-Kyung as a bright, fearless, free-spirited yet dutiful young woman increasingly torn between her private love and the public fights across aristocratic families for political power and wealth. OMG i cant belive there's only 2 last eps this drama is so touch my heart every eps i watch i always fall my tears down for about 1L idk why the ratting is so low why??? Interesting drama, get to know about the history and how people in the past was so obsessed with the throne ? Commenting here to let other people try watching this. Hopefully It would be a happy ending because this drama started off with the queen being exiled just now finish watch ep16.. This made both the snails, the king and the evil minister look dumb during those scenes, especially when the entire group moved as a pack undetected in and out when the writer found it convenient. IMO, The Ruler Master of the mask is so overrated and its is not consistent in story development compare to Queen for 7 days, it started good but it became draggy in the middle part of the story and it has a rushed end, it has only a high ratings because the actors/actresses are very popular....I wonder what happen to their mother I hope she loses her spot as Queen. Chae-Kyung's love for Prince Lee Yeok repeatedly falls under the dark shadow of what Lee Yeok considers as his political obligations: how far can she trust what he tells her at any moment? I think that if you watch this drama for 1 eps you'll be fall for it and the OST i really love all of them Please make a happy ending Pd nim i always recommend this drama to my friends but no one want to watch it why?? Finding proof is not the same with joking around creating fuss everywhere at the cost of so many innocent lives. Shin Chaegyeong, she's just stupid, trying to meddle in everyone's business thinking there won't be any consequences. The King portrayed in the movie is definitely mentally ill, which needs support to be healed. The brightest light were the acting skills and the character of the king, his older brother. I hope that the Kviewers will now see a true quality drama like this now that the overrated drama Ruler has come to an end...I watch the ending but I feel like it didn't do justice that I hope would serve throughout my entire ordeal of watching. I leave review here nt bcos the girl lead is from lee min ho city hunter.. This story was really touched, and I don't know why it underrated. He should have more awards and more movies,variety shows for more fanss and dramas..

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