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Free cams for dirty seniors

Learning how to think through complex problems and teach yourself new concepts on the fly is the only thing that matters.

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Coding bootcamps usually focus on teaching people how to use specific technologies.The story senior developers tell that goes, “I didn’t learn anything from my computer science degree — it’s totally useless” is more about them boosting their ego than helping people make informed decisions.What universities do a poor job of teaching is practical, applicable knowledge you can use on day 1 of your job.If your coding bootcamp doesn’t cover these types of things, you should go all-in on learning algorithms and data structures on your own time.On the flip side— although I appreciate the value of a Computer Science degree tremendously — it’s less practical than ever to go to a university.Say the first cohort of a coding bootcamp has a job placement rate of 90%. First, it’s on a downward trajectory, so you’d probably expect the placement rate to be lower than 40% going forward.

The program would be highly incentivized to advertise their job placement rate of 90% — which is true if you just don’t take into account the second cohort which sucked for them, or the direction the program is going. Going through a traditional 4-year computer science program shows a certain amount of stick-to-it-iveness and demonstrates you’ve been thinking about coding and technology for a long time. I tried to help him out and I referred him to the VP of Engineering of a company that begged me for someone I knew who could fill the position.There is massive confusion in the marketplace today.Marketers and the media have brainwashed people into thinking that it’s a cakewalk getting a job paying six figures as a developer.Spending 4 years of your life — going 0,000 into debt is a serious commitment.If you’re willing to put in serious time and energy into learning the skill and finding your first position, being self-taught (by this I mean not having a CS degree) is a fine way to break into the industry.Most of the statistics you read about job placement rates are grossly inflated by clever math nonsense.