Accommodating change

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Currently, the Products topic points to a database table that no longer exists (PRODUCTS).If left unchanged, queries that contain items from the Products topic will no longer work. You are now connected to the Bookmart Sample Database and the Query section is displayed. Back to Topic List Interactive Reporting Studio provides a Sync with Database option that enables you to automatically update a data model in a document with current database table and column information.

Will you be so good as to accommodate me, and that by return of post, with ten pounds? Then I'm sorry to say we can not accommodate you—we dare not—we must request you to leave.If the items were missing, you would not be able to complete a data model update in Workspace with Impact Manager. You can now use it in Impact Manager as a replacement data model for other Interactive Reporting documents stored in Workspace.Therefore, in the Products topic, you must rename Bmv Product Line as Product Line, and rename Bmv Product Family as Product Family. To change the physical table name behind the Products topic: In the Host User box, enter trnadmin. The operation detects inconsistencies with the database, updates the data model, and provides an itemized list of the changes made.You need to perform a Sync with Database operation to update the data model in BMV You cannot manually edit physical column names for items, like you can with topics.

That is one of the key reasons why you need to perform a sync with database operation. Notice that the Products topic name is still the same. Also notice that the Product Line and Product Family items are removed and two new items, Bmv Product Line and Bmv Product Family, are displayed.

Items are listed in data model topics and represent columns in database tables.

Item names are purely semantic in the Query section and do not need to match the physical column names in the database.

Back to Topic List The data model is stored in the Interactive Reporting document named BMV

It consists of five topics that represent daily store sales for BMV products: The Products topic represents the PRODUCTS table in the database.

Back to Topic List Before starting this tutorial, you should: Create a user in an Oracle database named trnadmin (password = oracle). Next, create a connection file named Bookmart Sample to connect to the Bookmart data in Oracle.