Radiometric age dating accuracy

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Radiometric age dating accuracy

Whilst Humphreys' model has time dilation caused only by gravity (per Einstein's General Theory of Relativity), Hartnett's model also takes into account time dilation caused by motion (God's expansion of the universe) (per Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity).According to young-Earth creationists, God separately created each kind of living thing, or baramin, to reproduce "after its kind".

air-breathing, land-dwelling creatures) survived the flood on Noah's Ark, and from the Flood survivors all modern species have descended.

It is thought that there is some time dilation corresponding with Hubble's law (i.e., further objects have greater red shifts), but this is due to the well-understood expansion of the universe, and it is not nearly extreme enough to fit more than ten billion years into less than 10,000. John Hartnett proposes a model similar to Humphreys, wherein the Earth was trapped in a time-dilation field caused by extremely strong gravitation during the first few days of creation, from Earth's point of view, while billions of years passed for the rest of the universe.

He attributes the field, its removal and the continued balance in our solar system (after the field was removed) to divine intervention.

If the earth were in such a gravity well, light from distant galaxies should be blue-shifted. Also, gravitational time dilation, if it existed on such a large scale, should be easily observable.

On the contrary, we observe (from the periods of Cepheid variable stars, from orbital rates of binary stars, from supernova extinction rates, from light frequencies, etc.) that such time dilation is minor.

They subsequently published this in 2001 in Physical Review Letters. Russell Humphreys proposed a model based on Einstein's law of relativity (as the Big Bang model is), but with a different starting assumption, a bounded universe.

Humphreys's model proposes that God created the universe much smaller than it is now, then expanded it, quoting the Bible saying that God "stretched out the heavens".

Further, many young-Earth creationists believe that there was a single supercontinent prior to the Flood.

This single land mass broke apart during the Flood when the subterranean waters bursted out of the subterranean chambers causing the earth to break apart (see also: Hydroplate Theory).

Young earth creationists hold that both creation and the evolutionary position are at root tied to worldviews, and because they are both claims about historical (or prehistorical) events, they depend on untestable assumptions.

At the same time, young earth creation scientists argue that the young universe view is the explanation that best fits the evidence.

However, Jeremy Sexton reexamined this hypothesis in 2015 starting the process of returning Old Testament Scholarship to the consensus that held sway since before the coming of Christ (Earth age opinions of prominent Christians - pre-1800‎). The end product is especially remarkable in the light of what is believed to be the starting point: nebulous blobs of gas. The Institute for Creation Research has a notable essay by David Coppedge entitled "Mature at Birth: Universe Discredits Evolution" which cites recent findings which challenge an old universe paradigm.

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