Tools of the trade speed dating with books

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Tools of the trade speed dating with books - carnal dating

When students complain about titles we read in class, I often tell them that they don’t have to like everything we read, but they can at least read to learn something or to appreciate why that book may be important. I may not like all the YA titles I read, but I can read to learn what could be of potential interest to my students. BOOK TALK ESSENTIALS uch of my reading workshop has been modeled after the work done by Nancie Atwell and Penny Kittle.

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Whether you’re seeking a companion or a soul mate, here’s your chance to get to know a variety of interesting people in a series of five-minute chats.But our librarians―as wonderful as they are―are also busy.They have to meet the needs of more than 2000 students in the school.Asking students to walk into a library full of books and choose a title―no matter how interesting they may all be―is a daunting and intimidating task if students don’t know what they’re looking for.They end up walking around aimlessly, picking up books without purpose, growing frustrated.lthough I’d been doing some form of independent reading for several years, with each year better than the one before, I came into last school year determined to commit in a way I hadn’t before. Certainly there’s always room for improvement, but when I look back at last year, my 9th grade students together read more than 1000 books.

I wanted to find a way to make students’ independent reading a component of their learning rather than something they did “on the side” or “in addition to” what we were doing in class. That’s 1000 books , “teenagers want to read―if we let them.” Many of my students admitted that they did not know enough about contemporary titles to know whether or not they should give them a try, much less read them.Stop by the library for details or call to register at 1-866-572-7587.The Fairfield Cordelia Library is at 5050 Business Center Drive.Finding and reading books to recommend to my students became part of my teaching life.In the end, the only way to find time to read for my students was simply to .My goal, then, was to make sure that I talked about so many titles during class we went to the library that it would be virtually impossible for students to not have at least 2-3 titles they were interested in.