Girl looking for sex chat on skype

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Before we finalised any arrangements though, I got a Skype call from her in the middle of my study session one afternoon.I answered as I usually do but saw that she was opening her door to let someone in.

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After that, Meg57 and I would chat regularly, usually in the evenings, then she asked if we could video chat over Skype and she sent me her Skype name.

At first it was quite general stuff but it progressed into very detailed descriptions of what, who and how we’ve done it.

At this point I was quite turned on by her stories, she was quite a naughty girl. Talk to you later”Before I could end the call she added“You know, we could keep the call going and do it together if you like”I wasn’t expecting that at all but it was an intriguing idea.“I don’t know if I could do that”“Okay, I’ll start and if it makes you uncomfortable just end the call and we’ll talk again tomorrow”I didn’t say anything, I just sat there and watched for her next move.

Note from Jen: this next confession was given to me by Lisa.

It was emailed to by Shelly after the reunited at their high school reunion and eventually shared their K9 encounters with each other.

Her IQ was very high so her friendships had huge gaps in them that was completely unsatisfying. Just as I was about to end the call, she came in wearing only a towel“Hey Meg, it’s me”She didn’t respond.

I called out to her a few times but she obviously couldn’t hear me.

I pushed my chair back, slowly slid my hand into my shorts and started masturbating while she watched and continued to rub herself.

For about a minute we only watched each other and soft moans were being exchanged.“This is so much better than doing it alone” she confessed “I wanna see more, take off your clothes”With that, she stood up and got completely naked, raised her chair and sat down again.

She had the most stunning body, perfect C-cup breasts and a clean shaven pussy.

I decided to end the call to give her privacy and wait a few minutes.

I could find nothing to watch that I was in the mood for so I switched the TV off and logged onto my PC.