Updating sudoers

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Updating sudoers - Cam free backdoor

I assume you know how to flash an image onto your BBB and connect to it.If not, you may find my earlier Initial Setup post helpful.

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With a package, you can get new features and bug fixes, plus can easily revert a version if it doesn’t work for you – in a single-line command.

This post provides instructions for getting Machine Kit up and running using packages, on a fresh Beagle Bone Black rev C (the one with 4 GB of embedded memory).

Since I’m using Virtual Box as the provider and shared folders barely work with more than a handful of files, my active projects are made available as NFS share points.

Running on OS X, Vagrant’s NFS shares are configured by modifying no longer required a password. With the release of Vagrant 1.3, the NFS password prompt was back. All sudo commands are logged, so figuring out what changed was just a slightly clumsy matter of checking the logs with Vagrant 1.2.7, then installing Vagrant 1.3.x and looking for changes.

By default it logs sudo usage, command and arguments in /var/log/secure (Red Hat/Fedora / Cent OS Linux) or /var/log/(Ubuntu / Debian Linux).

If the invoking user is root or if the target user is the same as the invoking user, no password is required.If you have more detailed needs, the man page for sudo is thorough and readable.The sudoers file has a separate man page that details all the configuration [email protected] 02/08/2013 $ sudo ls WARNING: Improper use of the sudo command could lead to data loss or the deletion of important system files. To proceed, enter your password, or type Ctrl-C to abort. In Linux, this is accomplished with In most cases, one simply adds “sudo” in front of a command that needs root privileges.

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