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In 1997, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, a publication critical of United States policy in the Middle East, praised the Monitor for its objective and informative coverage of Islam and the Middle East.In 2006, Jill Carroll, a freelance reporter for the Monitor, was kidnapped in Baghdad, and released safely after 82 days.

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Expenses, however, rapidly outpaced revenues, contradicting predictions by church directors.The print edition continued to struggle for readership, and, in 2004, faced a renewed mandate from the church to earn a profit.Subsequently, the Monitor began relying more on the Internet as an integral part of its business model.Although Carroll was initially a freelancer, the paper worked tirelessly for her release, even hiring her as a staff writer shortly after her abduction to ensure that she had financial benefits, according to Bergenheim.of Carroll's kidnapping and subsequent release, with first-person reporting from Carroll and others involved.The service was widely heard on public radio stations throughout the United States.

The Monitor later launched an international broadcast over shortwave radio, called the World Service of the Christian Science Monitor.In addition, Joseph Pulitzer's New York World was consistently critical of Eddy, and this, along with a derogatory article in Mc Clure's, furthered Eddy's decision to found her own media outlet.Looking over the newspapers of the day, one naturally reflects that it is dangerous to live, so loaded with disease seems the very air.That same year, the program was canceled and the Monitor created a daily television program, World Monitor, anchored by former NBC correspondent John Hart, which was initially shown on the Discovery Channel.In 1991, World Monitor moved to the Monitor Channel, a 24-hour news and information channel.“It is with a heavy heart that I share that my beloved soulmate, Christian Evans has passed,” Lake, who was married to Evans from 2012-15, began the post. He succumbed to his life long struggle with bipolar disorder.” “For anyone who has ever lost a family member or friend to mental illness, my heart goes out to you.

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