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Optical dating has revolutionized our understanding of Global climate change, Earth surface processes, and human evolution and dispersal over the last ~500 ka.Optical dating is based on an anti-Stokes photon emission generated by electron-hole recombination within quartz or feldspar; it relies, by default, on destructive read-out of the stored chronometric information.

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Here we report the first direct radiocarbon date for the specimen and the genetic analyses of DNA extracted and sequenced from two areas of the bone.

This age confirms a direct petrogenetic relationship between Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization and widespread mafic-ultramafic magmatic activity (Molson igneous events) at ca.

1.88 Ga along the Superior province craton margin (e.g., Thompson nickel belt, Fox River belt, Cape Smith belt, New Quebec orogen).

At the south pit of the Thompson mine, a U-Pb zircon age of 1860.7 ± 0.7 Ma for a composite mafic intrusion (garnet amphibolite to layered metagabbro) identifies a new age of mafic magmatic activity in the Thompson nickel belt that is unrelated to nickel sulfide mineralization.

The thermal effects of the Trans-Hudson orogeny are recorded by a range of zircon dates and ca.

Detailed field investigations with microstructural, backscattered electron (BSE) images and electron microprobe analyses indicate that authigenic muscovite and sericite crystallized parallel to stretching lineations/striations or along thin flexural-slip surfaces, both developed during the complex deformation history of the study area, involving repeated compressional, extensional and strike-slip episodes.

Muscovite/sericite separates from interlayer-slip surfaces along the limbs and from dilatant sites in the hinges of folded sandstones yield muscovite Ar plateau ages of ∼158–159 Ma, whereas those from folded marble and limestone samples yield ages of 156 ± 1 Ma.The petrous part yielded more endogenous ancient DNA molecules than the squamous part of the same bone.Molecular dating of the Darra-i-Kur mitochondrial DNA sequence corroborates the radiocarbon date and suggests that the specimen is younger than previously thought.While IRPL is a powerful tool to understand details of the electron-trapping center, it provides a novel, alternative approach to trapped-charge dating based on direct, non-destructive probing of chronometric information.The possibility of repeated readout of IRPL from individual traps will open opportunities for dating at sub-micron spatial resolution, thus, marking a step change in the optical dating technology..1760 Ma metamorphic titanite from the South pit intrusion and are consistent with interpretations that regional metamorphism occurred as a single progressive event.

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