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Later this year, the Royal Alberta Museum, Western Canada’s largest museum, will open in its new home, an impressive $375-million facility—that’s nearly double the size of the old space—in the heart of downtown.The RAM covers everything from the province’s military and political history to its unique archaeology and geology.

Development on the East Village will continue throughout 2018—the city’s first Alt Hotel is scheduled to open in the spring.

In the Islamic world, his impact was immediate and led to what Michot has called " When al-Ghazali led the theological attack upon the heresies of the philosophers, he singled out Avicenna, and a generation later when the Shahrastani gave an account of the doctrines of the philosophers of Islam, he relied upon the work of Avicenna, whose metaphysics he later attempted to refute in his .

Avicennan metaphysics became the foundation for discussions of Islamic philosophy and philosophical theology.

This large, Islamic-inspired garden (one of only two in North America) will open in the spring at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, located just outside the city.

The completion is planned to coincide with the Aga Khan’s (the hereditary spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslim community) Diamond Jubilee Celebration later this year.

This formerly gritty, inner-city neighbourhood has been undergoing a massive transformation over the past few years.

The recently launched Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre (which features collections and exhibitions highlighting Canada’s music history), is a main anchor of the neighbourhood, while St.In the early modern period in Iran, his metaphysical positions began to be displayed by a creative modification that they underwent due to the thinkers of the school of Isfahan, in particular Mulla Sadra (d. Sources on his life range from his autobiography, written at the behest of his disciple ‘Abd al-Wahid Juzjani, his private correspondence, including the collection of philosophical epistles exchanged with his disciples and known as .However, much of this material ought to be carefully examined and critically evaluated.The text is a key to understanding Avicenna’s view of philosophy: we are told that he only understood the purpose of Aristotle’s after reading al-Farabi’s short treatise on it, and that often when he failed to understand a problem or solve the syllogism, he would resort to prayer in the mosque (and drinking wine at times) to receive the inspiration to understand – the doctrine of intuition.We will return to his epistemology later but first what can we say about his life?are on special loan from China and will reside in the zoo’s new Panda Passage habitat for five years.

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