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Growing into puberty, Michelle and I would pore over teenage fashion magazines, learning how to be as pretty as possible.

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Late in my junior year, I fell in with a ragtag rock & roll band at school.

After that I was careful to keep Michelle's and my game a secret from her.

Beginning nearly the first week of first grade, Michelle and I would walk home to her house to spent the remainder of the afternoon playing.

We all wore a mixture of clothing - constantly rotating amoung the members - leotards and tights, miniskirts, jeans, leather.

Since long hair was in, we all wore at least shoulder length hair. At the very least we were banned from all the a night church dances.

The summer that we were fifteen, Aunt Caroline took Michelle and I to the ocean for the entire summer. Mine had a built-up bra and a bottom with a tiny skirt.

Michelle's was somewhat more daring; tiny top/tiny bottom. At the beach, there was almost always a dance or something going every night.I slept over at least one night a week and always on weekends; usually going to school on Monday directly from Aunt Caroline's house. I was able to let my hair grow to a sexually neutral pixie type style, so it was possible for it to appear either feminine or masculine depending on how I was dressed and what other flourishes were employed.Since nobody in Aunt Caroline's neighborhood knew me outside of my playing at her house, I easily was passed of as Michelle's cousin Paula.Aunt Caroline gave us each a allowance when she dropped us off. Before we went, Michelle and I would decide what we wanted to shop for (shoes, blouse, skirt, etc.) and then we would spend the whole day going from shop to shop trying things on looking for the best fit and quality that fit within our budget.Unfortunately, Michelle and I were beginning to develop different figures so oftentimes we would have to buy two sizes of an item to fit us each properly. She is listed on Free Ones since 2018 and is currently ranked 25033th place.

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