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Although the Nikita of the television series eventually does become, by necessity, a ruthless killer, in the television version of this first mission she uses her ingenuity to avoid having to kill the VIP (whereas the film versions of the character complete the assignment).

Nikita's unwavering belief in a kind of moral absolutism (as opposed to Section One's prescribed philosophy of situational ethics) consistently and coherently motivates the underlying dramatic plot conflicts in the majority of the episodes.The series generally exudes a dark tone in keeping with the organizational philosophies, the counterterrorist (frequently dangerously violent) situations, and the requisite tactics used by operatives of Section One.Unlimited operational resources for missions coupled with human propensity to hide ulterior motives and individual personal moral relativism lead to widespread intra- and interdepartmental infighting and recurrent secret alliances, backstabbing, blackmail and abuses of power between and among the characters, especially among those in the highest levels of power: Operations, Madeline, and George.As the only truly innocent recruit into Section, her compassion and sympathy constantly conflicts with the often ruthless orders she is given.After spending two years being trained by Michael, Nikita learns to use her beauty as a weapon and becomes an expert in martial arts and ordnance.Its standardized implementation of draconian measures includes the use (upon both terrorist and innocent) of intimidation, torture ("The White Room"), murder ("cancellation"), assassination, abduction, suicide operatives ("abeyance" operatives), false imprisonment, and terrorist co-operation.

In one early episode, for example, in exchange for crucial information Section One hands a woman over to a sadist knowing she will be carved up.The television series differs from the film versions in one fundamental aspect: Nikita (Peta Wilson) is innocent.She is not a killer, nor a drug user, just a homeless young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time.The series was also aired in Canada on the over-the-air CTV Television Network.La Femme Nikita was the highest-rated drama on American basic cable during its first two seasons. In the original Luc Besson film (and in the American remake Point of No Return, also released by Warner Bros.), Nikita is a drug-addicted juvenile delinquent who was accused of killing a police officer in cold blood during an attempted robbery of a pharmacy.Despite being advertised as an action-oriented series, the series' uniqueness primarily stems from its de-emphasis on action as such and greater reliance on well-crafted dialogue and complex plot structures more common to the genre of sophisticated spy-fi as influenced by film noir and neo-noir.

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