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There are no Intelli Golf-related service fees or annual subscriptions to buy. Purchase/download the Intelli Golf Eagle edition software for your platform by clicking here.

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As such, you can download/install Intelli Golf TODAY while your GPS receiver is on order. Purchase a Bluetooth-based GPS receiver that is compatible with your handheld/smartphone or a handheld/smartphone that already includes an Intelli Golf-compatible GPS chip in it.Or, you can purchase a handheld mounting system (i.e.suction cup mount) for your cart's windshield or dash board, from most handheld suppliers.First, you will need to determine if your handheld includes support for Bluetooth (i.e. If it does, then adding a Bluetooth GPS receiver to your system is a real possibility (more later).Second, determine if your handheld includes a Compact Flash slot or an SDIO slot.that have a satellite icon next to them in the Intelli Golf course database), you will begin receiving distances within a few seconds (once you're on the golf course). This means that you have some excellent options in selecting the best GPS receiver for your handheld and/or situation.

If you do not already own a handheld, then you might want to consider getting a handheld with an "embedded/attached" GPS receiver.

* Note: If your handheld/smartphone includes an Intelli Golf-supported embedded GPS chip in it, (e.g.

AT&T Tilt, Motorola Q9, Blackberry 8800, Nokia N95, etc) then specific set-up instructions can be found in our FAQs for each particular platform (e.g.

RIM, Nokia, Windows Mobile, etc) at the top of this web page.

Once your GPS-enabled handheld/smartphone is set-up, you can either refer back to this web page for further instructions or visit the Intelli Golf Quick Start Tour (i.e.

If you walk most of the time, then you might want to consider getting a Compact Flash or SDIO-based GPS receiver.

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