My gamerscore not updating

28-Jan-2020 17:32 by 9 Comments

My gamerscore not updating - lisa raye mccoy dating bishop noel jones

Every Xbox game has a particular number of achievements associated with it, and within each achievement is a particular point value.

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However, other games like Perfect Dark Zero, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and Burnout Revenge give you very hard goals for achievements and require real dedication to obtain all but the easiest points.

You might want to check if the achievements do unlock, despite a missing pop-up notification.

I had several Achievements that gave no notification, but actually unlocked.

This - for me, at least - has been a thing in multiple games, not just BB. Overall, the Achievement system on XB1 seems not as precise as it was on the 360.

As @Sm0ker Crew said - it may have ‘softpopped’ which happens to me aswell on multiple games.

I'm thinking the issue is related to the fact that MGS isn't acknowledging my PSN account is added anymore, but I definitely can't resolve on my own since it's not adding it back when I attempt to do so.

Edit: Looks like my issue fixed itself or primal_r fixed something without replying.When the Gamerscore was first conceptualized, it was intended to be used as a way to not only showcase a gamer's habits but also as a way for them to receive free downloads and bonus packs for their games.However, in short, what's really happened over the years is that the Gamerscore has evolved to only be useful for bragging rights.You could play some of these games all day every day and never really amass a competing Gamerscore.You can see that a Gamerscore can become inflated when it comes to easier games but pretty low if all you play are harder games that take longer to collect Gamerscore points.If you playing Destiny 2 on Xbox One then you might have come across issue where your Achievements doesn't unlock even after completing the required action for any specific achievement, Like as soon you reach Level 20 you'll expect "Long and Winding Road" achievement to unlock to gain 40 gamescore but it won't, its a bug in Destiny 2 and it was present in original Destiny as well.

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