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Jade's jumpsuit is by Celeb Boutique, a brand popular with glamorous ladies like Michelle Keegan and Sam Faiers.And whilst their bandage dresses are second to none, they have really outdone themselves with this statement piece.

With over 4,000 audio and video lessons at six different skill levels there is something to study for everyone.It is not known how long the pair have reportedly been seeing each other, as while Samantha follows Pat on Instagram she has not shared photographs of the two together.However, the songstress' brother TJ Gibbs shared a picture of him hanging out with Pat on his Instagram account in June last year.Mr Tweed, wearing the cardigan he wore on his wedding day, hid his emotions behind dark glasses and stood head bowed, holding his hands behind his back as six pallbearers carried Jade’s coffin from the hearse.The funeral has attracted immense media interest, with Sky News broadcasting live uninterrupted coverage, the type usually reserved only for state funerals, for the reality television star from Bermondsey.Jade was laid to rest in a small burial plot in the graveyard of her local church.

Her husband and mother led a group of 26 mourners, close friends and family to the quiet, leafy spot just half a mile from her family home.Joshua wants to tell you, "Our destinies have finally crossed paths! He devours literature, online web design courses, good music, tea, and Chinese lessons.At the moment, his favorite Chinese Pod lesson is Calligraphy Practice, because he has been longing to give calligraphy a try.Funeral director Barry Albin, himself something of a reality TV star after appearing in the fly-on-the-wall documentary Don’t Drop The Coffin, held his arms high – one hand holding a top hat, the other brandishing a staff – to announce the start of the procession.There were shouts of ‘God bless you Jade’ from neighbours who gathered around the hearse, before it picked up speed and made its way across Tower Bridge and along the A12 for the 19-mile journey to Essex.In it he said in no uncertain terms that she was the woman he wanted to marry.