Nintendo wii not updating

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That's not a very lengthy delay, which means we'll likely get some announcements about it—more gameplay modes, perhaps, but another not-unlikely scenario is the announcement of for Nintendo 3DS is only out in Japan right now, and it is an absolutely stellar greatest-hits collection of hundreds of musical mini-games from throughout the entire series.It represents a particularly onerous localization problem, since songs have to be re-recorded into English at the very least.

Beyond the holidays, Nintendo has already announced a few games coming in 2016, and has said on its Japanese Twitter that this Nintendo Direct will cover games coming out between now and "spring." Since spring ends in mid-June, that means for all practical purposes that the whole first half of 2016 is on the table. Pacific, Nintendo will go live with its first "Nintendo Direct" presentation, announcing new details on upcoming games, since May of this year.The extended break, following the untimely passing of chief executive (and Nintendo Direct host) Satoru Iwata, has had company fans especially eager for another dose of direct-to-consumer announcements from the Wii U maker.So I'm hoping that's the reason it hasn't yet been announced for America, and that Nintendo of America will debut it during this Direct.If we don't see it, we get one step closer to it never coming here at all, which would be a tragedy. team is working on another installment of the adorable-garden-creatures strategy game, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a Wii U title.More likely is Nintendo taking the time to keep selling Wii U and 3DS owners on its last remaining Christmas releases.

In Japan, that'll be a lengthy exegesis on the unwieldily-named , its all-star fighting game franchise.The ballot closed on October 2, and now would be the most obvious time for Nintendo to report on the results and announce what character(s) it plans to add to the game next.I'm not sure why it would delay the results any further, and the news could juice extra Christmas sales of the game even if the character won't show up until 2016.Note: Make sure you are using the right disk for your console.Some people still don't realize that the Wii and the Wii U are different consoles.It's not out of the question that it could release NX in 2016, too, and if it does indeed combine portable and home gaming into a single [platform/device/sentient primordial goo/whatever], that means we're probably looking at Nintendo starting to wrap things up for the Wii U.