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For her acting roles, she has also been nominated for lots of prestigious awards and she has also been honored with some of them.It is absolutely true that she is earning a massive salary being an actress; however, her real net worth is uncertain.

"He does tick me off," confesses costar Ray Romano, 52, who is also the show's executive producer. So we've got a couple scenes this year where I make sure he gets his comeuppance.There is also no any sign of this couple getting divorced or ending their relationship by separation.She married to her only boyfriend and they are happy to be one another's loving spouse.Especially after a check-up with his doctor last year, just as he started work on his series' first season. And he said, 'Now get ready to start the second half.' I was like, 'Thanks for that,'" he says. I like that optimism." Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!Chelsea Field, mainly known as Chelsea, is a renowned American actress.She was nominated for this award for brilliantly portraying her character in the movie Dust Devil.

Edit Chelsea Field actually began dating Scott Bakula from the start of 1996.

"What if somebody says, 'You're older than the other guys. It's brought a lot more focus on my age in [show] business than I've ever felt." .

"Nobody's written that Bakula shouldn't be in this show because he's too old, yet I've thought that," he explains.

She also played as the ex-wife of his real husband in 1999, Netforce.

Edit Chelsea Field was fond of acting from her early days.

"Scott's character may be fearful and narcissistic, but Scott is the opposite," says Braugher, 48, whose family enjoys hanging out with Bakula's brood. From 1989 to 1993, the series bounced around on NBC's schedule just as Sam Beckett bounced around in time.

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