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Some years ago, Windows Defender routinely earned truly awful scores, coming in below zero at times.It's been improving steadily, at least with some of the four testing labs that I follow, but its scores are still just middling.

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Designed to handle persistent malware that doesn't yield to a normal scan, this scan reboots the system and runs before Windows fully loads.

I'm not terribly concerned that Windows Defender failed both tests from MRG-Effitas.

In this lab's tests, a product either achieves a near-perfect score or it fails.

If you don't have any other form of malware protection, or your antivirus expires, Windows Defender steps in and does its best to keep you safe. To get an idea, I challenged it to protect my test system against a collection of various types of malware.

Note that Windows Defender doesn't promise to detect lower-risk items such as adware and potentially unwanted programs, or PUPs.

Security experts at AV-Test Institute rate antivirus programs on three criteria, Protection, Performance, and Usability.

The antivirus can earn up to six points for each of these.I salute Microsoft for ensuring that all users have at least some degree of antivirus protection.However, there are many free antivirus utilities that offer better protection, and commercial ones that are better still.Windows Defender differs from other free antivirus in that there's no installation required; it's already present.When you click the Defender icon in the notification area, it opens the full Windows Defender Security Center.Microsoft does contract with both West Coast Labs and ICSA Labs for certification.