Xbox live gamer picture not updating

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In the in-app menu, select the left-hand tabs to choose the source -- we used an external HD.As long as the image is 1080x1080, it will appear in the circle. After the Uploading custom gamerpics is a little easier on Windows 10 PC -- you can easily access your files a number of ways from your PC, afterall.

Microsoft is also updating the Xbox app on Android and i OS.If it doesn't update automatically, connect to Xbox Live and then select: Settings - console under the "Pictures" folder.This collects any pictures available on your console, or that you've uploaded through One Drive, or using an external HD plugged into a USB port.Custom images are supported for Gamerpics — your Xbox Live gamertag’s round icon — and for your club’s profile picture or background.Because all Xbox Live users will be able to see these images, Microsoft warns that they must adhere to the service’s code of conduct. Custom Gamerpics are the “most requested feature” from Xbox Live customers, according to Microsoft, which has been beta-testing the option since March.We've added a bunch of ideas that you can now vote on both in the Feature Area forum and in the Clubs & LFG category of the New Ideas forum!

Go to the new Clubs & LFG forum and vote for your favorite ideas!

Available to users on Xbox One and the Windows 10 app, you can now take any picture and stick it up on Xbox Live for all to see.

Of course, standard community guidelines apply (and Microsoft's system approves pictures before they go live), but for the first time, you're able to express yourself without custom avatar poses or pre-set pictures.

Microsoft is hard at work injecting all sorts of new features into Xbox Live on a continuous basis.

If you want to keep up to date, see the links below.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now browse the library through the Xbox app.