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Stricktlydating hubpages comhubi am not sorry - onlineadultdatingservice com

This includes a adding or subtracting a single comma from one of my articles.In fact, once the edit function is clicked, it means the Hubpage gets temporarily unpublished.

Right now I get fewer than 200 visits for all my Hubs per day.However, if a non-Christian complained about a Christian for defending their faith, Hub Pages would immediately jump into action and would ban Christian members.It became very clear how discriminatory Hub Pages operated.The interface is easy to use, and I’m alerted if plagiarism of my work is suspected. They continue you to call, after telling them I don't need their business. I called them back asking for a manager, which they got someone on the phone quickly, I asked "what are you selling?" They said "front page on Google." I told them to google my business and I popped up immediately.For that reason I and many good writers have left Hub Pages. The pay seems fair to me, based on the fact that they do all the heavy lifting.

Popular articles have been edited and I’ve had custom graphics made at no charge to me. " She then responded with "oops I already called you" and hung up.If you are an original author, and write quality articles that follow their rules, they will be published, and have a fair chance at earning you a few bucks.My articles have received over a million views on Hubpages, so at least some of them are highly popular.Those commissions are going somewhere - just not to me. So, I wrote to them, and this is the lousy response I got back..."Hello, your Hub Pages account has been permanently banned as a result of serious rules violations. We wish you luck in your online writing ventures." "Serious rules violations..." Who else has a "serious rule" that you're not allowed to publish your own article on more than one service? I see a lot of negative reviews and I personally feel they are slightly misleading.I recently signed up for Hub Pages due to a recommendation from a blogger's article. Hub Pages is an online writing platform, complete with easy to use templates and zero cost to the user. What I notice most about complaints is the lack of money people are making.Then when you bring it up again they advise contacting support - support that is not answered! All I did was post some of my already-existing articles in one shot.