Dating for sucessful women

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Dating for sucessful women - how to use pheromones in dating

After we separated, I began to wonder how much men feel this need to be dominant in a relationship in order to feel sexually attracted to their mate.If that's true, then being with a strong, clever, capable woman must be a turn-off.

In the process of becoming Alpha women, we've lost our femininity.I knew instantly what the problem was: I was a self-evidently successful woman, he was a jobbing gardener, albeit a clever one.He barely said anything to me, merely mumbled an awkward 'Well done' and positioned himself in a corner looking glum with a beer. I even found myself disguising the fact that I'd been to Cambridge, and instead used a throwaway line about being 'at uni'.We have masculine - and men don't want to date women who think like men.We have lost our femininity, our softness, our ditziness if you like, and in so doing have blocked the ancient signals that reach out to a man's brain saying: 'Come and rescue me.' Modern women have learned to regard men as the competition, in order to get ahead professionally.He was an actor in his 50s and said he just wanted 'an easy life'.

In other words, he wanted a bovine woman who wouldn't challenge him mentally or emotionally - someone who would make him feel superior and boost his self-esteem.If we want to be happy in relationships, we have to get that back - even if that means 'unlearning' some of the things that have got us to the top. Almost all the women I've asked that question want a relationship, including me. We need to accept that, just because we've changed, we can't expect them to. Successful women have reached crisis point and maybe we have to acknowledge we can't undo our evolutionary changes.Perhaps long-term relationships aren't a reality for very high achievers, and maybe we have to accept that our careers will have to be a substitute for love, however sad that might be.I became increasingly convinced of this when my next relationship developed the same pattern.I invited my new boyfriend to see me perform my one-woman show on stage in London.Unfortunately, for women, intelligence many times hinders our travels and keeps us from the promise land.