Painters muse dating

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Painters muse dating

But she would become a significant muse for him in the early 1980s.

She posed for him and they became lovers when she was 28 and he in his sixties.

The fiercely independent John had moved to France to escape the London art scene (and her artist brother Augustus's shadow), but falling into the arms of Rodin changed her identity, albeit briefly, from artist to muse.

Both women studied at the Slade, although 80 years apart, and during their careers they worked repeatedly from the same model.

The teenage Paul was caught in Freud's spell; and a potent one it proved.

"The day we met he took me back to his studio, and showed me the early stages of , which is now in Tate.

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Our workshops and retreats are designed to inspire artists at any level. This is underscored in an exhibition of Paul's currently at Pallant House, Chichester, which explores her work in relation to that of another famous artist and muse, Gwen John (1876-1939).Although Paul was born 20 years after John's death, there are delicious parallels between the two women.In Paul's case this was her mother, Pamela Paul, whom she painted regularly over 30 years, only stopping in 2011.John meanwhile repeatedly painted another kind of mother: , the foundress of a convent where she found solace, and God, while on the rebound from Rodin. My workplace administrators treated us to a Paint and Play experience and I thought it was fantastic!

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