Chameleon dating

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They act as if they are the most important client the counselor has.Narcissists often have histories of job and relationship problems.

Meds can be helpful with certain symptoms, but don’t change personality and core ways of thinking and relating.Many of them come in wanting a “quick fix” for their distress or an easy solution for the problem they have.If the counselor can’t do what they want, they give up and disappear.Sometimes, they want me to tell them what they can do to get what they want, as far as getting another person to see things their way.Other times, they want me to agree with them that they’re right about something.Whether its symptom relief or something else, therapy is usually about an agenda they have.

Everyone should come in with goals in mind, but agendas are different than therapy goals. They want a letter written to someone helping them get something they want, whether its to DSS, trying to file for disability, needing counseling for PTI due to having committed a crime, trying to get FMLA from work, needing a psychiatric explanation for why they should receive certain special consideration, or wanting something for an attorney or whatever.Maybe someone has told them it will look better for them if they go to a few counseling sessions.They want their spouse not to leave them so they agree to see me a few times.They may be upset that a parent, child, or spouse has called them out on unacceptable behaviors, such as lying, being unfaithful, or exploiting other people in some way.They may want help convincing another person to change or want the counselor to “fix” someone in their life who is causing them some sort of difficulty or inconvenience.Many try and go into business for themselves but can’t keep employees.