Who is joey zehr dating

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Who is joey zehr dating

JZ: Well, I actually grew up…my father ran a dinner theater in Indiana, so I grew up in the arts and just started listening to The Commodores, B. King, and all this different stuff that would come through there.

But he told his boss about us, and then it went into the whole label-fight thing, where they were flying up here and everything.

" So we flew Ben out there, and he wrote a song with Paul. It's a unique opportunity to be able to have that inside view of a band such as Kiss.

I think we learned a lot from their whole stage show.

Kiss is a band that writes pop songs…they're a rock n' roll band that writes pop songs…and it's been a really cool and unique experience to be tied in with them.

BE: OK, so you knew I was going to ask about it eventually, so…Eric Dill's departure. BE: You were actually the one who had the connection that brought Eric into the band in the first place. JZ: It was weird for me, but the thing is that…I mean, it was certainly more weird for me than probably the other guys, but, y'know, it was actually a pretty mature process. It was something we'd talked about over a long period of time.

On changing singers after releasing only one album: "It's a very weird thing, and you try to keep yourself business-minded about it, but it's music, and, ultimately, in the end, the emotions have to be right.

It's too stressful to be an artist and not have the emotions right." JZ: Paul Stanley came about because Wayne Sharp, who's our manager, was a tour manager for one of Kiss's tours in the ‘80s.JZ: Yeah, what happened was…this was actually back when we were still The Click, but we were mainly based in the Northeast, and we were playing all kinds of different venues around there, just doing the circuit that every local band does up there.We had a demo of "Just the Girl," from our first record, and took it to the local radio station, and the music director there really liked it and was playing it on their local music hour.It's proved to be really great; everybody there, they're all our good friends, and the way that company works is really in line with how we to be worked with. JZ: Actually, the same guy we did our record with, we did our demos with, in Boston: Mike Deneen, who's worked with Fountains of Wayne. And it was one of those things where we didn't have a ton of material at that point, because we were really just starting off, and it was just a song that we were playing for the fun of it, but it was just really working well, so we decided to record it.BE: You said your demo tape had "Just the Girl" on it, so I guess you had that Adam Schlesinger connection long before signing with Atlantic. I think we recorded that song and "Catch Your Wave." But that song, the radio guys really liked it.Bullz-Eye had a chance to speak with Joey Zehr, The Click Five's longtime drummer, and he gave us the scoop on "the new guy" (Kyle Patrick), what happened with "the old guy" (Eric Dill), and what we can expect from their second record.(Writer's note: The band's publicist accidentally had us penciled in for the interview the day before they told us we were penciled in for the interview, and, frankly, we weren't even remotely prepared. So when we finally made the decision, it really was kind of a mutual thing, and it wasn't a really harsh thing on either side. me, Joe (Guese), Ethan (Mentzer) and Ben (Romans) were all roommates, living in a house.

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