Dating hair

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I’m just surprised,” he says, voice trailing off to a whisper. Once again, he expects straight, but I arrive curly. Not sure if his is a happy-to-finally-meet-you smile or I’m-in-shock-and-don’t-know-what-to-say smile. After a breezy, hour-long trail ride, we have brunch at a tiny French bistro. I’m waiting outside the restaurant with stick-straight locks.

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I’m connected to voicemail, hang up, then glance at the cabbie.

“So, which do you prefer, a woman with curly or straight hair?

Many closet curlies are married to a flat iron because they think men prefer the smooth, straight look over curls or kinks. To find out, I embarked on an unscientific social experiment. On my dates, the plan was to find out what they really think when I show up as the opposite of what they expect. Bachelor #1: Financial-Services Executive This is my first date.

And when you can maneuver your mane in either direction, you have the option of changing your visual impression when meeting someone new. Newly single in New York City, I joined a popular online dating service and posted two profiles. The first profile included a picture of my hair flat-ironed straight. After one month showcasing the straight profile and the next month curly, more than twice as many men responded to the straight look. If they reach out to my straight profile, I would meet them as a curly, and vice versa. I’m nervous on the entire cab ride to the restaurant, wondering if my date will even recognize me.

And as I’m about to pipe in with an explanation, I look up and realize he’s already back to enjoying his meal, unfazed.

” I stop eating, my fingers now entangled in a tress tug-of-war. My date’s friend agrees my hair would look better out of the way. Bachelor #3: Cuban Marketing Executive On my next date, I vow to worry less and relax more, no matter where my locks lay. He has only seen a straight photo, but there’s not even a hint of surprise.

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