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Download the tovid file at and build according to the instructions on that page Download the tivo2dvd tgz file at

The problem is the difference between the distro's and the difference between the software being built into or for the RPM.

To install Hardware Browser, type the following:# su –# yum install hwbrowser Video card — To check your video card, open the Display Settings window (select System 􀃆 Display).

Select the Hardware tab to see your video card type and monitor.

The following procedure describes how to do those things.1. To determine which partition contains your Windows file system, usethe fdisk command as follows:# fdisk -l2. If you have a VFAT file system, you can skip this step.

If you havean NTFS file system, and NTFS support is not already installed, you can install thenecessary drivers and tools to be able to mount and use your NTFS file system in Linuxby running the following yum command as root user from a Terminal window:# yum install ntfsprogs ntfs-3g Assuming you have an active connection to the Internet, this will install the NTFSsupport you need to access your NTFS partitions from Linux.3. You can access your Windows file system from Linuxusing the mount command.

Sometimes it just isn't in the repo's for whatever reason.

It may be in a repo, so if you let us know what repo's you are using, it would help out a lot.switchdesk.noarch : A desktop environment switcher for GNOME, KDE and : Another Level. I'm not sure how to answer the repo question, I have no clue how to tell - I'll understand more one day. :-D -- This is an email sent via The Fedora Community Portal https://fcp.surfsite.orghttps://fcp.surfsite.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?switchdesk-gui.noarch : A graphical interface for the Desktop Switcher. post_id=298982&topic_id=63086&forum=10#forumpost298982If you think, this is spam, please report this to [hidden email] and/or blame [hidden email].yum -y install switchdesk Setting up Install Process Parsing package install arguments No package switchdesk available.Nothing to do Really, I'm not sure what groupinstall does but that gives me: Warning: Group switchdesk does not exist.Note the model names and numbers of any hardware that doesn’t seem to be working.

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