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He started off strongly but dropped to eighth place after the short program. The practices are exhausting and his body is finding it intolerable. He likes his girlfriend; all of his friends like his girlfriend. She’s a sweet girl, but he can’t stop the biting jealousy inside of him when he sees Takahiko and Mao together. He’s upset her for what feels like the hundredth time. While Daisuke sulks, Takahiko and Mao only seem to get closer. Every time he falls on the ice he can feel the eyes on him. “I don’t know, are you upset because your hardworking boyfriend didn’t make the team? “I don’t have a boyfriend, Daisuke-kun.” That makes Daisuke angrier.

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“If I find out you put your hands on Mao one more time I am going to skate over your throat, am I understood? He unfortunately can’t control the fact that Takahiko is so boyishly charming and closer to Mao in age. He’s fully prepared to just avoid the two of them until he retires or breaks himself jumping, whichever comes first, but Mao has different plans. ” “Tell me why we suddenly aren’t friends anymore.” “What’s sudden about it? He’s never heard Mao’s voice go that high and, crap, he doesn’t want to ever again. Daisuke has no idea where Mao dug this guy up, but he’s foreign student and he and Mao are both nineteen. He feels really creepy about the whole situation because the girl is barely legal (she’s eighteen but he feel so much older) and she screamed at him at such a high frequency. The second time Daisuke upsets Mao is when he’s finally become fed up with her boyfriend. 4 – I brace myself because I know it’s going to hurt. She’s a pretty girl, she dresses well, and she always smells like expensive perfume. He miraculously manages to balance spending time with her and training. Some of the skaters have jobs outside of skating so they’re scarce to be seen during these times. I’m just bitter and old and I just happen to have a talent for upsetting you no matter what I do.” “You’re being an idiot.” Mao snaps. Daisuke doesn’t know Yuna Kim well, but he knows she can skate and she and Mao have shared the podium before. Later Akiko will tell him that Mao’s mother has fallen ill. “She’s very happy around Taka,” Akiko adds and Daisuke hides his burning face. Noticing his stormy expression, Mao asks, “Are you alright? Then he adds, “Go away.” Mao skitters away instantly and Daisuke immediately feels like an asshole. They train together frequently and Takahiko and Mao often pair up in ice shows. He’d made the Olympic team by the skin of his teeth. The whispers that he doesn’t belong on the team, doesn’t deserve to be there, sting. The internet titters with snide comments that someone else should’ve made the team.

She doesn’t want to be a child to you.” Daisuke doesn’t know how to apologize for that. He isn’t even that old and he feels every landing and his whole body feels weak. This is her inaugural Olympics and the press is already hyping up the rivalry she shares with the South Korean figure skater. “Smile, Mao-chan,” he tells her, albeit soullessly. “The Olympics are a privilege.” “I’ll smile when I win,” she answers tightly. “They suit each other,” Nobunari says and Daisuke chokes on his water. He breaks up with his girlfriend as nicely as he can, but still gets coffee sloshed on him. But the breakup leaves him irritable and the coffee-sloshing means he’s late to his practice and Mao just has the worst possible timing. Daisuke thinks they’re dating, to him there’s no way they couldn’t be, and that only makes him sulk more. We can’t go into the Olympics with all this tension.” Daisuke clenches his jaw. His knee still isn’t totally healed and his fifth place finish cast a questionable light on his selection. Daisuke hauls him up by the collar and shakes him roughly. “He told me you pushed him and threatened him.” Mao says without preamble. “He’s not allowed to hit you, Mao.” “I can take care of myself.” “You shouldn’t let him hit you! And of course, his own temper flared up at her when Mao had been genuinely concerned about him. I didn’t realize it had been hard for you; Akiko told me later. “It won’t happen again.” Daisuke can feel the blood pounding in his ears. Akiko tries stopping him but he breaks free of her. He shoves the kid so hard he goes toppling against the cold concrete. Her face is covered in thick makeup and Daisuke knows if he were to wipe it off there’d be bruises marring her pale skin. “I can take care of myself.” “I care about you, Mao. Mao looks flawless and untouchable to him, but he still worries. Their lives seem to be an endless cycle of training. He even tried to suppress them by dating someone else. The first time Daisuke upsets Mao is when he accidentally walks in on her changing. 2 – Do you feel like a man when you push her around? He sees nothing wrong with this approach so it goes on for a few weeks. They manage to get through Sochi with minimal social problems. Akiko-chan says it’s been a long time.” Daisuke bites his lip. Ever since the day I accidently saw you changing.” Mao blushes. It took a long time before I could look at you and not think…” Daisuke shifts uncomfortably. Mao stares intently at her plate, face bright red, ignoring her terrified kohai and the attempted murder. Daisuke Takahashi was named to the Japanese Olympic squad for Torino 2006.