Relevance of constantly up dating ones skill

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Relevance of constantly up dating ones skill - Chatsex forum

Every time you click on a website, shop online, watch a video, or do pretty much anything else, you leave behind crumbs of information.

To provide that critical insight, MONEY and compensation data and software company Pay teamed up to develop a unique new analysis of the skills that employers place the highest value on now. “You can’t remain stagnant,” says Lydia Frank, Pay Scale’s editorial director.

So, you take a job as a business analyst – maybe you fell into the role or perhaps you set it as your career goal. How do you keep your skills and knowledge current and ready for use?

Sometimes I find as a business analyst that you don’t always use the skills you have learned, or alternatively you need to use business analyst skills that you don’t have. My best days are when I head home knowing that I have done a great job on a BRD or process documentation. Especially when you get the feedback that your manager says that they cannot do without you!

“When I work with executives, I find that what’s really missing is an understanding of big-picture questions,” says Lys.

“They will be trained in how to book a transaction, but they don’t know how to look at financial statements and answer whether this company is doing well or not and why.” Even workers in creative fields may need to make business decisions that affect the bottom line.

But no matter where you sit in your firm’s org chart, you’ll get a boost by understanding what keeps the company in the black.

“When we ask our alums what they’d do differently in their career, the most common response is that they wish they’d taken more financial accounting classes,” says Thomas Lys, a professor emeritus at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.“You always want to be learning something new; you always want to be advancing.” (See more skills coverage from Pay Scale here.) To identify the abilities that bring the greatest rewards, MONEY and Pay Scale analyzed 54 million employee profiles, across 350 industries, with 15,000 job titles—from entry-level workers to top execs.We compared people with the same title, age, location, and experience, isolating the specific skills (from a universe of about 2,300) correlated with higher pay, advancement, and career opportunity.The result: an authoritative list of the skills with the best payoff in the workforce today.In general, we found that employers are willing to pay up for these four types of talents.But IT skills are only a minor part of the story, says Linked In spokesman Joseph Roualdes: “Tech is in demand across nearly every industry.” Most employers favor technical skills specific to the field, notes Katie Bardaro, Pay Scale’s vice president of data analytics.

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