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Ballbusting online chatbot - Live porno chat armenian

He grabbed himself and i said it got you didn't it? He loves to have his balls busted and he eased me into it slowly. I was with my band having another horrible rehearsal when my bass drummer came walking in drunk as anything he started to unzip his jeans when i punched him right in the balls he fell down holding himself moaning a little i walked away from him when he called me a b***h I turned...At first I did it for his pleasure, squeezing his balls much harder than I thought should be bearable. and a lady and her husband pointed it out to me, they were into ballbusting much like me and asked if they could have their way with me, I let them, and then me and the lady hit her husbands balls, and we swapped between the two of us every so often, it was amazing!! I'm locked in full time chastity, and my best friend adores ball busting me.

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She smiled a little as she pressed her foot down and crushed my...

She is highly creative, and oh so enthusiastic about it.

We believe sexual pleasures should be entirely hers, and my junk should be constantly locked and abused. and either he grabs your balls and starts squeezing them or you grab his and started squeezing?

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Without me thinking I separated my legs to really block the way through but of...

(written from the point of view of a fetishist) BEFORE: I'm ALWAYS nervous when I know I'm about to be kicked in the balls. and either he grabs your balls and starts squeezing them or you grab his and started squeezing?

And what makes being in this situation even worse...

I love mens ball my ex boyfriend even letted me act out on it in our relationship he let me strech thm to make them longer and bigger. and she was very emotional watching the English kill so many people.

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Even after years of playing with this fetish, I'm still nervous when I know it's about to happen. One time I don't know why because we're strait but we were smoking dope and drinking naked and all of a sudden my friend grabbed my balls and starts squeezing and yanking on them. that there's this one area of our testicles that's way more delicate then the rest if the testicle.