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If you have failed to repent, there is still time but if you don’t, He will appear to you as described above but He will be your Judge and it will not go well with your soul (Rev -15) but if He is your Savior today, your future is so amazing that I can’t even describe it.

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Australian singer Kylie Minogue, whose rear grabbed the headlines in gold hotpants in the video for hit single Spinning Around back in 2000 was said to have insured her behind shortly after to the tune of £3million.Hopefully you will see Him on the day of His return as your Savior and not as your Judge, but we’ll discuss that later but right now we are asking if Jesus had long hair.The Bible is silent on the length of His hair but there is no reason to believe that He had the long, flowing locks of hair that the movies portrayed Him as having or the thousands of pictures that display Him with long hair. In fact Paul knew that it was customarily a shame for a man to have long hair (1 Cor ) and knowing that Jesus was a carpenter, having long hair would have gotten in the way of His work.They had no power tools of course so the wood had to be cut by using hand tools and great physical labor which must have took long, tedious hours to work with.The wood was not like what we see today; two by fours or four by sixes. These timbers had to be cut down by hand and they had to be sawed down into workable sections. And carpenters in those days worked with stone more than they did wooden beams.Grammy-winning Taylor, 25, attributes a huge slice of her global success to her energetic stage performances and her team have apparently looked into how much it would cost to insure her legs against potential career-threatening accidents.

Prized assets: Taylor's pins, on display (left) at the Saturday Night Live anniversary special last month, are considered a key part of her high-energy stage performances.

This is because Jesus was not especially handsome and there was “nothing special in His appearance that would make Him stand out” which matches with the many New Testament references of Him easily slipping through the crowds.

He was not desirous to look upon nor had no beauty (in the Jewish vernacular this means that He wasn’t handsome).

Does Jesus look like what most pictures of Him reveal?

Did Jesus have long hair and wear a white robe as the pictures and movies portray?

Isaiah described Jesus as looking like an ordinary man and that there nothing special in His appearance that would make Him stand out.

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