Whitney houston dating history

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Whitney houston dating history - dating jokes for kids

We have a different kind of closeness than Eddie and I.") about three years ago, and "We've been dating ever since." But, she admits, there are times when she does not want to even think about Eddie Murphy. "Whitney says she prefers to date men with a sense of humor "who know the Lord" and "who know who they are" and can just be themselves. All that other stuff is just the |gravy' we have become. "Randall is a warm, very caring, very giving and loving young man," she says, gently stroking her Angora cat, Misteblu. I have a lot of respect for him, because it's very hard to get out there and bang heads, and get banged. "I'm a very patient woman," she explains, adding that she's had her share of heartbreaks.

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Proceeds from the sale of the CDs and videos will benefit the Red Cross' fund to help military families.

To the media she declares: "You don't live with me every day!

So how can you say that this is what I am or what I do?

With her recording career continuing on track, Whitney is now pursuing another interest: acting.

Movie offers have come from Spike Lee, Quincy Jones and Robert De Niro, but the timing has not been right. Kevin Costner, one of Hollywood's most unforgettable hunks, used his clout to insist that Whitney star opposite him in Body Guard, in which she will portray a singer whose life is threatened.

Whitney has been supportive of a number of charities, including the United Negro College Fund, AIDS research, and Habilitative Systems Inc.

in Chicago, and she has established the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children."You wake up every day with a magnifying glass over you.Someone always is looking for something - somebody, somewhere is speaking your name every five seconds of the day, whether it's positive or negative. How could I come from where I've come [from] and be rhythmless?It was felt that I was making myself more accessible to Whites, but I wasn't."Concerning the booing at the Soul Train Awards, Whitney has concluded that because she had won two Grammies, two Emmies, and 11 Ameriocan Music Awards, "They [some people in the audience] had just gotten sick of me and just didn't want me to win another award. "I don't like it and I don't appreciate it, but I just kind of write it off as ignorance."Of all the rumors, Whitney is most irked - and hurt - by allegations that she is involved in an affair with her close friend and executive assistant, Robyn Crawford."I realize that this thing has been fueled by the fact that I'm very private with my life," she says."For her 26th birthday, Whitney threw a big bash at her million Morris County, N.