Updating ft 11r

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Updating ft 11r - friends dating your ex songs

TL; DR: It is often (but not always) enough to properly patch the Wi Fi client.You need to also patch the router it it works as Wi Fi client too (e.g., a repeater) or has fast roaming (802.11r) enabled.

[...] a patched client can still communicate with an unpatched access point, and vice versa.

Obviously in the ideal scenario, all vulnerable devices should be patched, regardless of what extra mitigations have been implemented on the access point.

In response to whether patching the AP alone is sufficient: Reference: WIP patch in 'wpa_supplicant' used in most Linux distros According to the above commit - it seems possible to prevent the attack by patching only the AP: This option can be used to work around key reinstallation attacks on the station (supplicant) side in cases those station devices cannot be updated for some reason.

[...] Attacks must be within range of the access point and client.

Both the client and access point have to be patched in order to be protected from these attacks.

This modification is completely different from the modification needed to "fix" vulnerable access points (those acting as a repeater or supporting Fast BSS Transitions), so a patch for your access points may or may not prevent attacks against vulnerable clients depending on exactly what type of "fix" the patch contains.

So depending on the capabilities of your access point and which type of patches are available for it, at a minimum you may need to patch only your access point, only your clients, or both in order to defend against this attack.

Technically speaking, only the clients (including access points that act as a client, such as repeaters) and access points that support the Fast BSS Transition handshake are vulnerable and need to be fixed.

However, it's possible to modify access points in a way that prevents attacks against clients even if the clients are vulnerable (though the access point itself is not).

Currently, all vulnerable devices should be patched.

In other words, patching the AP will not prevent attacks against vulnerable clients.

So it might be that your router does not require security updates.

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