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Due to previous relationships, I was wary of dating, and not confident in my ability to spot dates who were unsuitable.

This Ebook will help you re-evaluate your current expectations and create some realistic ones which will help you find the right guy!This makes it hard to enjoy the pleasure of dating as an adult, and can even lead to major incompatibility and relationship problems later. How to tell the difference between who to date and who not to 9. Dating Detox teaches you to release all the fear-based mindsets and habits formed in the younger years, and embrace the fresh, new vital information you need to thoroughly enjoy meeting the right person as your authentic self. We go at your pace, as long as you are moving forward and taking action!Most people fail to have great relationships simply because they continue to use the same outdated, anxiety based dating “skills” they used as teenagers.Coaching with Maria helped me gain the confidence to feel I can enter what was for me the “alien world” of dating and not only enjoy it but successfully achieve my goal of finding my life partner.

"For the first time in a very long time, I am feeling excited at where this new way of thinking and behaving will take me, and I look forward to having what I can now see as a good, positive, healthy long-lasting relationship""Your magic has worked with me in subtle ways I didn’t even realize.These are supported with additional resources such as video mini- masterclasses, tools and email support between your coaching sessions.We design your coaching programme to suit your individual needs. We decide on the duration following your first dating success discovery call.After 5 weeks, with Maria's guidance, I have surpassed my expectations.Marias coaching programme helped me to broach relationships and online dating by making everything far more practical and manageable than it can seem."Before I began coaching with Maria, I'd tried to set goals myself and struggled to commit to them.