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Sticking the rules on the fridge, or in another prominent spot, can help younger children be aware of them. For children of this age, instead of making the rules public by sticking them on the fridge, it’s a good idea to keep them somewhere a little more private that’s still handy for when you need to refer to them.For younger children, consider drawing pictures or putting together images from the internet that show the rules.

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Writing them down makes them clear, and can also prevent arguments about what is or isn’t allowed.For example, you might have rules for: A few clear and specific rules usually work better than a long list, especially for younger children.As children get older and more mature, the rules can ‘grow’ along with them.Household rules let everyone in the family know how to behave.They help family members achieve a balance between getting what they want and respecting the needs of others.You might also develop rules about safety, manners, politeness, daily routines and respect for each other. The standards you create will be influenced by your beliefs, values, your situation and your child’s maturity and needs. But all good rules have something in common: they are specific and easy to understand.

‘Do’ rules ‘Do’ rules are good teaching tools, and they’re best in most situations because they guide your child’s behaviour in a positive way.Then put the pictures up in a place everyone can see them.If you involve children in drawing or colouring the poster, it gives you a chance to discuss the rules with them.Here are some examples: Ground rules These are rules that apply everywhere, no matter what.Some ground rules might apply to the whole family, whereas others might apply just to younger children or to teenagers.Young children will need support and reminders to follow rules, because they’re likely to forget or ignore rules.

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