Updating a mac

24-Feb-2020 12:01 by 7 Comments

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There’s no one-size-fits-all maintenance solution, so let’s understand how updates for your Mac and its software work.For example, you don’t to use the Mac App Store to install operating system updates.

Sometimes Apple rolls out updates slowly, so the latest version may not show up in the Mac App Store.

After much effort through Chat support, I received an update file enabling Acrobat 9 Pro to update from 9.0 to 9.5.5.

However when I open the file, the Acrobat application is greyed out so I am not able to complete the install.

Presumably, if i OS 11.2 hadn’t had to be pushed out so urgently, the release notes would have been more appropriately localized.

This would also explain why the updates for Apple’s other platforms (watch OS, tv OS and mac OS) are not yet available.

Apple’s desktop storefront only goes so far when it comes to updating the rest of your system too.

It’s also possible that there are times when delaying an update makes good sense. Periodic operating system updates often include some of the most important changes, and as such they should be applied as soon as possible.

i OS 11.2 unlocks 7.5W faster wireless charging for i Phone 8, i Phone 8 Plus and i Phone X but speed improvements in initial testing appear minor.

The update also adds a couple new wallpapers for these phones (including new Live wallpapers on i Phone X).

Apple frequently patches security holes that can leave your Mac vulnerable to attack.

At the same time it improves general system stability and sometimes add’s new features.

There are a handful of tweaked emoji as well, including a return of the old ‘Tumbler Glass’ whiskey as shown above, a different depiction of the Camera, more reflective cutlery and a new perspective on the Gear.