First step dating

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First step dating

The final decision in all cases will lie with the referee, and they can go against the VAR.

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Managers and players will be given a two-stage warning for encroaching on this zone, while players can be booked if they aggressively replicate the referees’ ‘square’ gesture to signal a VAR - as in the case of waving an imaginary yellow card.

VAR will improve the accuracy of refereeing decisions from 96% to 98%, said Mike Riley, Managing Director of PGMOL, ahead of its introduction to English football.

The system is set to be used twice over the next three days, first in Monday’s FA Cup third-round tie between Brighton and Hove Albion and Crystal Palace and then in Wednesday’s League Cup semi-final first leg at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Arsenal, and the authorities have been keen to stress beforehand that the emphasis of this experiment is to focus on “clear and obvious” errors made by the on-field referee.

It says “Hey, I might be sort of interested in you, but I’m going to let you do all the legwork.” Don’t give her a nudge and expect her to then message you, because she probably won’t.

This isn’t a cover letter for a job application; there’s really no need to be formal.

The rule of thumb is essentially “if it’s not clear and obvious, leave it”, and “minimum interference, maximum benefit”.

There is also thereby an inherent acceptance that the system is not perfect, but then it was also stressed that the idea is merely to improve accuracy to the best and cleanest possible level, and that it is just a starting point that can be enhanced in future.

With red cards, VAR will only intervene if it is believed the referee has missed a clear offence.

An off-the-ball confrontation perhaps the most obvious example.

That is probably most demonstrably the case with offside.

A referee might not act on an offside flag in case it’s wrong, knowing there is more benefit to the game to let it play, because any incorrect call will be hauled back.

There are instances when VAR can advise the referee to caution a player.

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