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The first railroad station for the settlement-to-be was named Cedar Bridge.

The Association evidently invested a great deal of money in a vigorous and far-reaching advertising campaign in all American cities with a sizable German population.They visualized two cities, one, called Pomona, stretching over four square miles immediately north of the railroad tracks.A second city, called Gloucester, should be erected a few miles further north around Gloucester Lake.The average tourist who rushes through the town on his way to the New Jersey seashore will probably not notice anything in particular.Perhaps he will make a remark about the exceptionally large number of well kept gardens with beautiful trees and shrubbery.Here as so often in American history the railroads brought a new political and economic impulse.

In the year 1854 a new railroad had been built, the Camden & Atlantic Railroad, connecting the big East coast lines running through Philadelphia with the newly opened seashore resort Atlantic City. It could not exist exclusively on the summer seashore traffic.Germans in Baltimore and Buffalo, in Richmond and St.Louis were haunted by the fear of mob violence and persecution.Direct immigration from the German fatherland might be channeled into Egg Harbor to swell the ranks of the settlers. A refuge for all German countrymen who want to combine and enjoy American freedom with German Gemtlichkeit, sociability and undisturbed happiness.In 1859 the Association put out a special pamphlet under the heading "Was wir wollen What we want." The answer developed the entire program of the project. A place to develop German folk life, German arts and sciences, especially music.People live on Hamburg or Bremen Avenues, or on streets named for Beethoven, Buerger, Campe, Claudius, Diesterweg or Duerer.

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