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It will be exciting to wrap up the fieldwork and start to analyze the patterns in relation to climate and landscape data.” The research by Drake’s Stream Ecosystem Ecology Lab (SEEL) has been a community effort.

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Several factors impact which water mains are replaced and the approach to planning for 2018 was different than in years past.Des Moines Water Works’ Long Range Plan through 2040 included the analysis of water main break data occurring within the system.Through this analysis, a relative risk score was created based on the assessment of consequence of failure, likelihood of failure, and a capacity factor.Des Moines Water Works’ 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) includes approximately million of water main replacement each year.The City of Des Moines also has a 5-year CIP for city streets and sewers.The sampling sites are bridges and boat ramps – from Minburn and Redfield to downtown Des Moines Levi and his team have been focused on several key parameters that are important metrics of water quality: suspended sediment, nutrient concentrations in the water, and the rates of sediment denitrification (a natural microbial process that permanently removes nitrate from river water).

Together, measuring these parameters at frequent intervals over an 18-month time period will allow the scientists to investigate the influence of seasonal changes and land-use on water quality in the lower Raccoon River watershed.

“The goal of our work is to understand the patterns of the Raccoon River across space and time,” said Peter Levi, a faculty member in Drake University’s Department of Environmental Science and Sustainability.

Every two or three weeks since June 2016, Levi and several students from Drake visit nine sites in the South, Middle, North, and mainstem Raccoon River.

“We appreciate Peter Levi’s work and Drake’s support of monitoring nutrient trends and natural denitrification rates in the Raccoon River,” said Bill Stowe, CEO and General Manager.

“This project could be the start of a great partnership examining nutrients in our source waters.” Water main replacement planning is a necessary, preventative approach that saves money on repairs, reduces the loss of water that occurs as a result of the main breaks, and minimizes disruption to customers.

The field component of the research will continue through December, but Levi has already seen interesting results.

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