David deangelo mastery with women dating

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David deangelo mastery with women dating

It may work with some women but it doesn’t make you a cool guy and it doesn’t show much class. Wearing scarfs, golf hats, glasses he doesn’t need, or whatever he sees in magazines or on TV.

Instead of looking cool, you look like a moron who’s desperate for attention and women are by it.

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I’ve put together some of the best stuff I have to offer to help you figure this one out: First lets start off with what won’t make you a cool guy.

These behavior traits and qualities are things that can hurt your success with women and your friendships: Doing this is the opposite of cool.

”This sounds like no one would do this, but I see this constantly at stores, malls, and at the gym. I saw a guy do this one time when he was talking to my girlfriend and he didn’t know I was playing pool behind them. I’d love to go back to his house and see what other clothes he has.” Nobody cares how much your stuff costs dude. This only makes you look incredibly stuck up or look like a liar. There is no reason to lack class or be ugly to anyone if they haven’t done something that is outright wrong and uncalled for.

Usually the person doing it is saying some ridiculous thing like, “Just cause I drive a ,000 car don’t mean nothin’! ” And usually that person looks like they are making it all up to get attention. Women and other people will very rarely go out of their way or leave their friends to go talk to the guy standing on the wall. She laughed in the poor guys face and told him he was lame for doing that. There’s a huge difference between saying “no” to women, to avoid them walking all over you or using you, and being a total dick for no reason at all.

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The guy who’s been there, done that, or knows a guy who did it. Work your ass off to get rid of these uncool behaviors because it’s not attractive to women and it doesn’t help you make friends.

I did a lot of this stupid stuff before I learned how to get better with women and dating. But once I became aware of it, I developed a high level of self-awareness and worked on it until my behavior improved.

It’s not cool to always have worthless things coming out of your mouth.

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