Mpps this program can be run 128 times before updating

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Mpps this program can be run 128 times before updating - tampa cougar dating

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that legal marijuana sales will start this year.Despite the delays, MPP is focused on making sure Maine’s adult-use program is the best it can be.

Another key message was the millions in tax revenue that could be generated by taxing and regulation marijuana.

The local initiatives in 20 generated enormous earned media and allowed the campaign to educate voters about marijuana.

We promoted the idea that marijuana prohibition has been a total failure, and it is illogical to punish an adult for using a substance safer than alcohol.

And, there was an ad focused on pro-legalization Mainers who had been misled about the details of the initiative.

“It’s About Time” Mark Dion MPP’s Matthew Schweich and David Boyer managed the Yes on 1 Campaign.

The committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation (MLI) put together an omnibus marijuana regulation bill, LD 1650.

The bill was passed out of committee almost unanimously, and a special session of the legislature was called in late October.

Volunteers across the state made phone calls, went door-to-door, and submitted letters-to-the editor in support of Question 1.

Question 1 turned out to be a real nail-biter, passing with 50.26% of the vote!

Please reach out to the MLI committee today and let them know you are against a proposed five-year ban on social clubs.

Augusta politicians will not respect the will of the voters, unless they hear from them!

The , the ACLU of Maine, NORML, and numerous elected officials across Maine endorsed it.