Photo dating website

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Photo dating website

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After the spiritual high of Mount Sinai, why would God "bring us down" (so to speak) with all these minute details of daily life? The spiritual high of Sinai may be nice, but it doesn't solve one problem of the world in which we live.So if that's true, why did we need Mount Sinai in the first place?Because a powerful spiritual experience is what jump-starts our engines.The day was observed in subsequent years as a holiday.Antiochus V was only nine years old when he became head of the Seleucid dynasty, following the death of his father Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the oppressor of the Jews who provoked the Maccabees' revolt.We are happily married now and just bought our first home together!

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I am perplexed about a certain juxtaposition in the Torah.

Parshas Yisro describes the dramatic revelation of God to the Jewish People at Mount Sinai.

We've all had such a moment of insight -- whether at a Discovery Seminar or standing atop Masada. So the Torah tells us that when we have a moment of insight, we need to concretize it.

The spiritual insight must take root in the reality of our physical world.

The Zohar explains that the ideals of Sinai must be internalized and absorbed into our very bones.