Secret sex dating in cyprus

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Secret sex dating in cyprus

Cyprus and its banks are widely seen as a tax haven and a money-laundering base.

In Brussels and in the EU capitals, the Cypriot financial sector doesn't enjoy an especially good reputation.

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Russians appreciate this spot on the southern coast of Cyprus.

The boutiques sell sable coats even in summer, the restaurants serve salted herring and vodka, apartments near the pier cost upwards of €300,000 (3,000) and there's no shortage of luxurious villas priced at millions of euros.

Vorherige Stationen des studierten Ökonomen waren "Handelsblatt", "Focus", "Berliner Zeitung", "Welt am Sonntag".

Last Friday, the sun was shining in this paradise for Russians.

Angela Merkel has become a firm believer in the domino theory, which in this case would take on the following shape: allowing Cyprus to fall would put the entire euro zone at risk of collapsing.

It would be a disastrous message to send to financial markets.

There's one drawback, however: all the yachts, however luxurious they may be, are moored in the rather dreary old port. The new Limassol Marina will be finished soon, and if you you put your name down soon for one of the 650 available berths, you can get a special rate: €150,000 per year, depending on the size of your boat.

There's something else that is probably a greater cause for concern for the Russians of Limassol, though.

They are at risk of losing their paradise because Cyprus is virtually bankrupt.

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