Dating your quilt

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Dating your quilt - love in love 2016 dating men profile

Larry James is a non-denominational minister and performs the most “Romantic” wedding ceremony you will find anywhere! Follow Larry’s “once daily” Relationship Tweet at: Every wedding ceremony is customized to your complete satisfaction. – Celebrate Intimate All articles, “Love Notes” and wedding tips listed in this Wedding BLOG – written by Larry James – are available for reprint in magazines, periodicals, newsletters, newspapers, e ZINEs, on the Internet or on your own Website.

_____ and _____ (two witnesses) will now join us to make this part of the ceremony official. This information is adapted from Larry’s Wedding Website and Wedding Blog.Let me draw special attention to the bride and groom’s families.Today, as parents, you look with love and affirmation on the faces of your children, whose independence you’ve nurtured with your love, guidance, and support.Although this “add-on” quilt wrapping ceremony is not the most popular ceremony in the Valley of the Sun – Greater Phoenix Area – it is something for some brides and grooms to consider (perhaps where the weather is not so hot).😉 In some Native American traditions, couples are wrapped in a blanket to signify their coming together and their new life together.The quilt would then be removed by the Wedding Officiant/Minister and placed on the altar table or handed to someone to hold.

After the ceremony, some couples display it at the reception and ask the guests to sign this very special quilt as their guest book.

It signifies the bond between them and the closeness that will continue to develop day after day.

And, it signifies the comfort and beauty they bring to each other and will continue to bring to each other.

You can sent some away to folks who are not able to attend in person.

Then they have a quilt made which they are then wrapped in by their Wedding Officiant at their wedding, symbolizing how the love and warmth of others would nurture and strengthen them together.

Together within this blanket, they will sign their marriage license. Next, the Wedding Officiant/Minister announces the kiss…