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(Separate rules may apply to inflatable sessions, see separate info.)· Shaving is not permitted anywhere in the building This is not an exhaustive list and life guards may curtail other unsafe activities.

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Please contact reception to obtain permission to use a camera.Cards are available for free at reception or you can register online.Change of details Should your personal details change, please notify us immediately.As a valued member we would like to ensure you get all the benefits to which you are entitled, so please let us know if you change your name, address, telephone numbers or e-mail address and we will amend our records accordingly.Money back guarantee A 10-day money back guarantee is offered to all new members.3.3 Any child not in an approved floatation device shall either be a babe in arms or who can demonstrate a standard of swimming ability in excess of the minimum set by the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 requirements and/or the ASA Learn to Swim Framework Phase 7 or equivalent. Parents should also be aware that children over the age of eight, particularly those who cannot swim or are weak swimmers, may also require supervision of a similar level.

Those responsible for the children must therefore consider the swimming abilities of all children and the appropriate supervision required, and heed the advice/instruction of the swimming pool staff. Parents accompanying children to a pool should be able to take under eights into an ‘opposite sex’ changing room or alternative facilities should be provided.

Parents would be advised, therefore, to make appropriate inquiries if the pool isn’t one they are familiar with.

The operator will consider a multitude of factors for setting ratios including the following: 3.1 The activity takes place in a designated safe area e.g.

All monies paid in respect to membership will be refunded in full should you for whatever reason, wish to terminate this agreement within 10 days of joining.

Termination As a valued monthly direct debit member, you have complete control over your membership with no minimum membership contract.

However, we recognise that many people’s circumstances change.