Updating paneling

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This maybe will happen before the celebration in 2017. ACTION Stuntshow gets a lot of new stunts and effects. Then they would slowly start to the completion of Toy Story Playland by adding Toy Story Mania: Confirmed for 2018.Frontlot would get more the theme of the original Disney Studios on Hyperion Street from the 40s.

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The renovation of Space Mountain is officially known, new trains would be added and perhaps the original effects of Space Mountain Mission 1 would return, as well as the original soundtrack of the attraction. The renovation of Space Mountain will take 6 months and would begin in January 2015, the largest project for Discoveryland is obviously the addition of Star Wars land.

“Toon Studios” would eventually turn into “Pixar Studios” with a new show for “Animaque” with Pixar themed scenes.

Also the “Avatar project” from Disney World’s Animal Kingdom could possibly come to Paris, but that’s not a priority.

There are always rumors about the future plans of Disneyland Paris.

Many of these rumors never come reality, but also all the projects that have been build was starting as a rumor.

The addition of a Soarin ‘attraction in Adventureland, adjusted for the Adventureland theme.

Such an attraction is also planned for Shanghai Disneyland’s Adventure Isle. See Project Sparkle: https://dlpir.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/project-sparkle/– In Fantasyland Peter Pan’s Flight would get an update and get a new ride system, which they will also add at Disneyland for the 60th anniversary.

Peter pan and it’s a small world refurbishments are already confirmed and being worked on before 2017.

See Project Sparkle: https://dlpir.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/project-sparkle/– In Discoveryland the big project for 2015 is the renovation of Café Hyperion & Videopolis that will re-open in late June.

A first phase would be opened in 2017: Star Tours 2 3D.

The current queue outside will be turned into a garden.

In Studio 1 they will add new lighting effects, the design should be reviewed and updating the shop and restaurant.