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Trouble updating avg

A vision statement is a vivid idealized description of a desired outcome that inspires, energizes and helps you create a mental picture of your target.

If you are having trouble coming up with your summarizing phrase, try adding after you've written the rest of the vision statement.

Life coaching can help you develop compelling and attractive vision statements.

For projects and goals, the vision statement should focus on the desired outcome of the project/goal at its completion date.

A powerful vision statement should stretch expectations and aspirations helping you jump out of your comfort zone.

Some people may object to the use of such an optimistic or unrealistic vision statement because others may consider it a failure when they fall short of the best possible outcome, even if they meet all the goals/objectives.

Just keep in mind that, back in the early 80's, Microsoft's vision of "a PC in every home running Microsoft software" would have been considered by most to be highly unrealistic.

I think it is safe to say that, even now, not every home has a PC in it and not every PC runs Microsoft software, but that doesn't mean Microsoft has failed!Albert Einstein said, Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.I believe this is true in many respects because while knowledge allows you to see things as they are, imagination allows you to see things as they could be.I once attended a training seminar where one of the exercises was to come up with as many ideas as we could for earning ten dollars by the end of the day. After a few minutes, the instructor polled the audience for some of their ideas.Some ideas were better than others, but everyone agreed that even the bad ones could have earned someone ten dollars in a day.Take as much space as you need to accomplish this goal.